Who Are We?

Snug Designs is run by designer/developer dream team Cat & Holly. Together we have over 8 years of experience working with creative business owners to make their dream websites come to life.


Welcome to Snug Designs, where you can get gorgeous, bold and on-brand website designs in an easy to use kit.

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What is Snug?

Website templates don’t have to all be the same. We believe that you can use a premade design that is made to fit you. That’s where Snug comes into it. Our designs will be a snug fit with your brand and business and show off everything you do.

How Can You Help Me?

The premade websites we create are not only super unique but also completely customisable to match your brand and business. We want to give you the chance to totally represent yourself through your website without breaking the bank and taking up your valuable time!

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